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Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) are bacterial metabolites produced from fermentation products of dietary fibers and they are major mediators of differentiation, maturation, and activation of intestinal tissue and exerts potent effects on colonic mucosal functions through inhibition of inflammation.

An intestinal dysbiosis can be caused by antibiotics or poor diets, and can lead to decreased levels of SCFA´s in the gut. By improving the nutritional condition of the colon mucosa it may be possible to prevent or even alleviate some diseases. Of the biological active substances formed, the most important is butyric acid which stimulates mucosal cell proliferation, blood flow and oxygen uptake, resulting in a reduced gut permeability and influx of toxic/inflammatory substances to the circulation and may therefore decrease the risk for endotoxemia (low-grade inflammation) and associated diseases.

Selcis BioPharma is developing a technology where SCFA´s can be delivered to the colon and potentially prevent or restore gut homeostasis.